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NCI’s information technology background started over 25 years ago when the industry revolutionized the Local Area Network (LAN) technology for personal computers.

Today, NCI delivers Managed Services, Virtualization, Desktop and Application Mobility, Hosted Services, Disaster Recovery and VoIP PBX solutions for almost any industry. NCI can provide a complete outsource solution where we manage and support your entire IT infrastructure. We will work with any of your application providers and offer a hassle-free, single-contact for all your IT needs. However, if you have an internal IT staff or hosted system, NCI can provide technical resources on a project or time basis to help achieve your business objectives. Let us know how NCI can help you!  

Small and Medium Business Segment

The small-to-midsize (SMB) industry needs the same services and solutions as large corporations.

Our services and solutions are ideal for SMB customers. In many cases, SMB’s may not have a dedicated IT staff to support their users. NCI can provide a complete management and support solution at costs that make sense for SMB business owners. NCI will help design and procure all the necessary hardware and software you need, and we complete the process by providing turn-key installation services and full-support services.


Today, the manufacturing industry is under tremendous pressure to deliver products on-time and with high quality.

Downtime of IT resources, which delay or stop production, is not an option. NCI provides manufacturing clients business continuity solutions within their IT infrastructure, virtually eliminating unexpected downtime. We partner with our manufacturing clients to ensure applications and information is available to users no matter where they are or what computing device they are utilizing. Additionally, we securely extend delivery of information to vendors and partners through the supply chain to meet all operational goals.


Healthcare providers are pressured to not only provide exceptional service to their patients, but they are mandated to meet federal requirements for the management and sharing of their patient data.

To meet this challenge, NCI implements business continuity within the IT infrastructure to ensure that access to patient information is available, regardless if the information is local or hosted within the cloud. We also help secure data by implementing encryption for email communications and hard drives of servers and portable devices. Our solutions for offsite backup with rapid recovery services are ideal for healthcare providers.


As a managed service provider to various educational institutions, NCI is aware of the need to balance an open and independent learning environment while also protecting from both internal and external threats.

We also understand the distributed nature of the environment, the classic campus environment and the varying users comprised of students, researchers and faculty. NCI can provide tools to handle these challenges by offering remote management of distributed systems and complete management functionality from a single pane of glass. We can assist in helping to build an IT infrastructure that delivers reliable access to applications, desktops and resources to all users, regardless of their location.


Financial Institutions want to use technology to work smarter, better and faster while attending to enhanced regulatory and security policies.

NCI Managed Services offers automated IT systems management to help achieve this in a seamless, efficient manner. Our goal is to help the institutions IT staff maximize time, productivity and resources by allowing them to manage all the systems from one location. Helping meet regulatory compliance and security policies by centralizing executive reporting and documentation provide effortless audits while minimizing system downtime and operational expenses.


In today’s retail landscape, the use of technology has become one of the most powerful ways to deliver stronger services to customers and adapt to the ways in which they buy.

The IT department’s role is critical in adapting to new trends while maintaining control of costs and delivering a robust environment to the business. It is essential that all the IT assets, whether in-store or on the back-end, are tracked, monitored and managed in a seamless manner. Managed Services from NCI can ensure availability of POS, peripherals, tablets, kiosk, etc., and will proactively alert staff of malfunctioning or broken devices. Additionally, protect devices outside of an Active Directory from malware and security attacks while providing a single screen for patching, upgrades and reporting.


Every year, the demands on local, state and federal government’s IT department increase while balancing limited resources and shrinking budgets.

Taxpayers, employees and administrators depend on the IT staff to deliver efficient IT services across multiple locations. However, it is a great challenge to be innovative while patching, fixing and updating processes. NCI can help by automating key IT tasks, developing solid delivery processes and implementing best practices, Government IT Professionals can experience cost reduction, decreased downtime, improved value and the power and control to strategically align IT objectives with the local government’s business goals.

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