Hosted VoIP Solutions

Why hassle with phone system hardware? Let us migrate your phone numbers to the cloud and buy only the phones and services you need for your business. This solution allows mobile workers to work just like an onsite office worker. All for a low monthly fee.

Hosted PBX Services

An affordable feature rich solution which eliminates the expense and hassle of purchasing and maintaining a telephone system in-house. Take all your local and toll-free numbers with you.

Call-Center Operations

A centralized office for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. Implement routing for business groups with call queuing and reporting capabilities. Manage employees call volume and assist with listen-in and coaching.

Call Recording

Implement centralized or local call recording as an always-on or as needed basis.

Call Management

Call Hold, Call Forward, Call Park, Find Me/Follow Me, Call Presence/BLF and many more options available.

Voice Call

Standard Voice Mail, Visual Voice Mail and also Voice to Email options.

Conference Calling

Conference Bridge with multiple Conference Rooms, Team Collaboration and Video Conferencing.

Mobile & Desktop Applications

IOS, Droid and Windows Phone Applications.

SMS & Faxing Services

Support for SMS Texting and Internet faxing.

VoIP Phones Support

Choose from Polycom, Yea-Link, Grandstream and many more SIP manufacturers offering desktop, cordless, operator and conference phones.

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